We are well known for providing best quality links for major clients in the industry. Here are some

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is premium link building?
Usually, any site need quality links in order to get high ranking from major search engines. We can say that it’s the heart of SEO. Premium Link Building refers to links that are built only that passes high quality criteria.

Do we believe in relevancy?
Sure. Let anyone say anything about this, but we do 100%. As far as our researches say, it is believed by us that each relevant link that we get only improves the quality, authority and ranking of that web page. We have proven results and our results show that one relevant link might be equal to 10’s and 100’s of irrelevant links.

Are any black hat methods involved in it?
Definitely NO! All the links that we get are from high quality blogs that meet our own developed criteria’s and are purely 100% white hat.

What type of links we get for you?
We get 95-97% do-follow and 3-5% no-follow links to your website. We maintain this ratio because among the total no. of sites and pages that are live in the world, 97% are do-follow and 3% are no-follow. This will be 100% natural.

Why quality links?
Well, a very good question. Usually, every one used to get good number of links. Link Building can make any site fall in the well and also to ding the bell. So we have done lot of researches and formed the quality levels and criteria’s.

Which niche of links you provide?
We can provide links from any niche. We do give heavy importance to relevancy. So you need not worry of irrelevant links and you get only links from sites which are relevant to your site.

How much time these links will be placed?
All the links that we get you are permanent links and we give a warranty for each link placed for 3 months time. When the link gets removed within 3 months of your purchase, we provide replacement.

Do we provide total SEO for a site?
Although, we are highly expertise in link building, we also provide total SEO solutions. You can contact us to know more about it.

Do we prefer site-wide links?
Yeah, we prefer both home page and site wide links. As per our researches, both are good.

Can I get some example links that you have built?

Sure.. Click here to see a few example pages where we got links for our clients. Please contact us to get more links that we have worked with star rated quality.

Why Us?

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